Helping Women Find A New Way Of Living

At New Life For Girls, we introduce women ages 18 and up, as well as  mothers and their children to a new way of living. We provide a comprehensive 24 hr. residential program for those who are struggling with life controlling problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and sexual abuse issues.  In a safe and loving environment lives are changed and transformed.

So no matter what you might be struggling with, whether it be drug addiction, abuse, or other hardships, we can provide Christian caring, support and resources that will help you turn your life around.

Please contact us today to learn more about our programsour locations , our mission and find out how you can help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Program Consists of Three Phases

We provide an introduction to a new way of living through our caring, supportive, Christian community. 

We will help train you on how to more effectively deal with life’s challenges, no matter what comes your way.

We will love and support you as you re-enter society successfully as a new individual. You’re never alone.

Our Program Will Help Turn Your Life Around

Join our supportive and secure community of women who are seeking a new start. No matter what your situation may be, New Life For Girls is the best way to turn your life around.

Contact Us To Learn More and Get Started Today

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us and learn how to take advantage of our support services, secure housing for women, mothers and children, and more.

Support Us We Need Your Help to Help Others

We are funded completely by donations.  If you are able to give financially, your gift then becomes a part of what we call “a miracle of generational transformation”. Please consider a gift today.  Thank you.