Amber’s Story…………….

I was born and raised in Dover, Pennsylvania.  My parents split up when I was two.  My mom remarried to a man who treats me as if I were his own daughter.   I am very thankful for that.  My mom taught me a good work ethic and how to be responsible.  Although my biological dad loved and cared for me, he spoiled me.  At a certain point I used that as a way to manipulate.  When I was just about to become a senior in high school, I became involved in a toxic relationship and started drinking.  When that relationship was over I ended up living with another person and took on the role of caring for his son.  My drinking became worse.  I left that situation and was introduced to pain pills, and I started taking them regularly.  I met a good man who was an aircraft mechanic at Andrews Air Force Base.  We married and I gave birth to a daughter about a year later.  At this point I had finally quit the pills.  After my daughter was born, I became overwhelmed trying to keep up with things and started the pills again.  When it became difficult to get them, a friend introduced me to heroin.  I started stealing, lying, robbing people, and selling my belongings.  My husband had medical issues for quite some time and we fought terribly.  He became depressed, drinking night and day.  He committed suicide in 2017.  The very next day on another matter, I was picked up and sent to jail for an outstanding warrant.  My in-laws called me “the thief drug addict”, threw away all of our belongings, keeping some things for themselves.  I had no earthly personal possessions left, my husband was gone, and my daughter was not with me.  Three months later I was released from jail and ended up wandering around York, Pa, in the city, all day and night. I didn’t even have a toothbrush or hairbrush.  I was arrested again for public drunkenness and was glad to have a place to stay even though it was jail.  At least I had food and shelter.  I got out of jail and found a job learning how to do roofing.  I became involved with my boss which turned into an abusive relationship.  This person provided me with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol as my wages.  It was a sick and unhealthy way to live.  By God’s grace, I made it out of that situation.  I was in terrible shape physically, almost to the point of liver failure, winding up in the hospital.  After that, I ended up in jail again.  I didn’t know it then, but that would be my last time in jail.  God was about to work a miracle and I didn’t know it yet.  I came to New Life For Girls on April 15, 2021.  God is definitely moving in my life.  My liver is totally healed.  My biological Dad and I talk about God together and he listens!  The anger I held for years is being healed.  I feel like the person I am now is so far from how I used to be.  Only God can do that.  My relationship with my family is so much better, and I am able to see my daughter regularly now.  Hard-working, trustworthy, kind, helpful…I always wanted to be that type of person.  I am amazed and so blessed that I am now becoming that person.  All I can say is thank you to New Life For Girls, and most of all…..Thank you Jesus!

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Join our supportive and secure community of women who are seeking a new start. No matter what your situation may be, New Life For Girls is the best way to turn your life around.